SPN/NCIS xover, sequel to Volatile Compounds. [livejournal.com profile] help_haiti fic for [livejournal.com profile] baileytc that takes place early in season 5. Her prompt was for case related gen and she was ok with another NCIS xover. The rest is not her fault. Warning: If you have a higher level of discomfort reading about babies being eaten by monsters off screen, beware. They dealt with it a little in the show in season 4, but not to this extent. Additional warning: bonus shark jumping!

Gibbs warned Sam and Dean not to use their NCIS badges again unless they checked with him first. They didn’t realize that in Gibbs-speak it meant he would be contracting work out to them whenever something came along that couldn’t be killed with government-issued firepower.

14,500 words, PG-13.

“You guys are going to find yourselves missing the days when it was just people ganking other people,” Dean said.
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SPN/NCIS crossover. The boys finally flash the wrong counterfeit badge while investigating murders on a Naval base.

Gen, PG-13, ~18,000 words. Humor, angst, drama, violence, cursing and crack. Like usual.

“Something went whole hog in here,” Dean said. “The can of whoopass must have been the ten-gallon Costco size.”

edit: Posting the epilogue here instead of on site due to more hacking. Site's been cleared again, and is under review to have the 'suspicious' rating removed! Story has been moved to The Pit in the meantime.

epilogue )
Avengers/Supernatural crossover in that the Winchesters don’t appear but the lore (i.e. demons, seals and Castiel) will; AU branching from/roughly a year post-Iron Man movieverse and combining/screwing with Avengers comicverse, meaning most of the team is together, Hulk is already gone, Peter is around even though I guess he shouldn’t show up until after Disassembled, and both Extremis and Civil War are far in the future.

Warnings: Drama, humor, angst, cliches, and POV changes; ~25,000 words, R for dark themes, language, and not-quite graphic m/m con and noncon. Still, there’s eventual cuddling to go with the angst and gratuitous torture, so...there you go. Just playing. Plus, Castiel is the angel of Thursday, and Thursdays are hard for the Avengers.

Supernatural fans: may find this tedious. Just be patient with my dumb ass. Sam and Dean still own me. An Avengers primer can be found here.
Marvel comic fans: may need to be even more patient with my dumb ass.
Fans of both on my FL: this is your fault.

It was the look on Tony’s face that Peter remembered most, later.

Part II ~ Part III
My Supernatural Smackdown. SPN/Scrubs crossover. [livejournal.com profile] camille_is_here is mostly to blame. 5900 words of PG-13 borderline crack.



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