I am going to be working like crazy on all the rest of those unfilled charity prompts that were requested three years ago. All I can do is apologize for the gross delay, and write. This is another one.

Title: Quartering the Odds
Series: Turn of the Wheel (AU)
Words: 3500
Rating: PG-13 (language, m/m sexual situations)

Sam and Dean weren’t able to repel the Watchtower guardian in Dodecagon, and the elementals have been running rampant. It’s no longer a human’s world, and the boys have to scrounge in ever stranger ways. The original prompt was from [livejournal.com profile] without_me for either more ToW-style wingfic, or, hooker fic. Being who I am, that means this became hooker wingfic.

It was not dirty pool to use your carefully learned survival skills on your little brother when it was actually a matter of survival.
The next installment in the Turn Of The Wheel series. ~13,600 words, NC-17 for a more graphic level of wingcest and Dean’s filthy, movie-quoting mouth. Bonus: a little schmoop and a barfight, no extra charge.

“You’re still the best sacrifice anybody could hope for,” Keith added.

“I appreciate that,” Dean said.

Sam held his fork for a moment like he was thinking of putting it into someone.

I still owe many, many stories, and am well aware of it. I absolutely did not mean to take a damn year to get halfway through the list. I apologize, and I'm working on everything. If anybody even remembers what the hell they asked for, well, I'm working on it.
Counting To Ten

Part of the Turn Of The Wheel series. R, 14,400 words. Sam and Dean promised Bobby they’d ride out the next Sabbat at his place. R for language and wingcest. In Bobby’s yard. We should have a ‘strange things that happen in Bobby’s yard’ ficathon.
The bunnies that [livejournal.com profile] girlguidejones gave me were gnawing my feet. And so, more than one thing has been written (I warned you guys this could happen).

Nothing By Halves
Coda. Set just after Ninth Circle in the Turn Of The Wheel series. Sam and Dean cope. Sam copes by cuddling; Dean copes with a flamethrower. PG, >1700 words.

Looking Like Lions
Salvation AU. Oh, John, Dani is going to hide from you for a month now. PG, >1900 words.

Everyone's been so amazing with feedback lately; I see you, I wrap it happily about myself, and I strive to get off my ass and respond. You guys are awesome.

Next up: something for Harrigan. Start practicing this phrase: "Aw, poor Sam."

If I have already received prompts from [livejournal.com profile] lemmypie [livejournal.com profile] moveablehistory and [livejournal.com profile] tabaqui, I'm too dumb to find them. Hit me, guys! I'm on a tear. Lemmy, I think you were going to send me a song and have me base a fic on it...I don't think we went any further, though.
The Lughnasadh portion of the Turn Of The Wheel series. More wingfic! 21,700 words, R for language, violence, and sibling-groping. Some humor but mostly angst, at a deathfic-level. This is the big, dark, unnecessarily angsty chapter. Save this one for when you’re in the mood for that, if ever.

The Ninth Circle
The next installment of the Turn of the Wheel series. 10,881 words, PG-13.

There were two wild creatures in his yard and a demon in his house.
That seemed best.

Next up: D's prompt. XD
For [livejournal.com profile] janissa11 and [livejournal.com profile] innie_darling for comments they made on the original. XD PG for language, 868 words.

coda )
eighth_horizon: (can't draw)
The next tale in the 'Turn of the Wheel' series. Wingcest. 15,900 words, Sam/Dean, R for language and sexual situations.

I came back when you breathed for me, fair’s fair, tag, you’re it.



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