For [ profile] girlguidejones, via a promise made at Wincon. XD Seriously. Part of the Salvation series, taking place after Here There Be Monsters. Christo goes missing, and Sam and Dean realize that their dog is as much a hunter as they are.

PG-13, 2600 words.

Christo had not always been their dog.
We've Been Here Ten Thousand Years

Salvation ‘verse. For [ profile] maygra, who wanted to see what this would look like and asked for it ages ago. It’s a small section of the original Salvation tale, the spot that mentions It was the idea of permanence that ruined him. He lasted five months before he bolted. Dean’s not sure how to define freedom or home and makes a run for it. Sam can define both by yelling for his brother even though he’s two steps behind the entire way.

PG, 5800 words, set between Uninvited and Small Town, Big Hell. Title is from a verse of Amazing Grace.
Unreluctant At Treacherous Ledge
G, 2850 words. Dani meets Sam, Sarah and Allie. Dean squirms.
This is so, so late for [ profile] maygra’s birthday. But I wanted it to be Just Right. Happy belated, Maygra. I adore you. I may actually be a little mushy about how much.

Salvation 'verse, post 'Uninvited', starring: John, Sam, Dean, and Sarah. Hints of wincest, but not really if you look at it in the context of the whole Open Doors series. 22,500 words, light NC-17 for Sam/Sarah/Dean. She was distraught, and therefore got to sit in the middle. [/inside joke].

“Sweetheart, if you come outside right now, I’ll give you everything you could possibly want or need for the rest of your life.”

Love and War (and other games Winchesters play)

Dean meets Dani. It does not go well. Pre-Salvation AU, ~7500 words, PG for language.

“Lady,” Dean said, “I got a million other things to do besides play pranks on the lab geeks. I wouldn’t be down here if I thought you were full of it.”
Salvation AU. Another Disinterment coda. Dean returns to work a couple of weeks later, and the real world has to creep back in. ~4150 words, PG for language.

1500 words, PG-13. Salvationverse. [ profile] mumbles11 asked me to tell her something random about the Salvation AU at WinCon. Charlie’s choice of insult was my answer. XD

Maybe it was during the first grade unit on health. )

Shift, by [ profile] maygra. Part of the Salvation futureverse, long before the end but a good way ahead of the middle. Gen, all audiences. She kills me.
The bunnies that [ profile] girlguidejones gave me were gnawing my feet. And so, more than one thing has been written (I warned you guys this could happen).

Nothing By Halves
Coda. Set just after Ninth Circle in the Turn Of The Wheel series. Sam and Dean cope. Sam copes by cuddling; Dean copes with a flamethrower. PG, >1700 words.

Looking Like Lions
Salvation AU. Oh, John, Dani is going to hide from you for a month now. PG, >1900 words.

Everyone's been so amazing with feedback lately; I see you, I wrap it happily about myself, and I strive to get off my ass and respond. You guys are awesome.

Next up: something for Harrigan. Start practicing this phrase: "Aw, poor Sam."

If I have already received prompts from [ profile] lemmypie [ profile] moveablehistory and [ profile] tabaqui, I'm too dumb to find them. Hit me, guys! I'm on a tear. Lemmy, I think you were going to send me a song and have me base a fic on it...I don't think we went any further, though.
[ profile] maygra's Time's a'Comin'. Dean, Sam, and the generations that follow.
This one'll hurt, but it's a good kind of hurt and how it should be.

Sam was stretched out like a kite on a string and Dean held the spool.
Come winter that chair would be empty for good.
Part of the Salvation AU. The littlest Winchester is six months old and it's making the adults a little trigger happy. 3382 words, PG for language. References to Disinterment.

It was, in its own way, a lockdown. )
Coda to Woven, PG-13, 4790 words. If you haven't read the Month of Open Doors, parts won't make sense, but it won't invalidate the story, either. This is a bridge of sorts between MoOD and the Salvation AU, specifically Maygra's The Goat In The Darkness.

Dean burns houses for a lot of reasons. Sam sifts ashes. Burning's just part of the cycle and goes on for a long time after the flames are out.

home is heaven for beginners... )
[ profile] maygra has written a gorgeous addition to the Salvation AU: Rock of Ages. Leigh Winchester hasn't had her moment in the spotlight until now, and it's beautiful. She learns early on how to hold on to everything by leaving things right where they are.
[ profile] maygra's Deck The Halls, part of her Scrapbook series and part of the Salvation AU. Dean and Sarah on Christmas Eve, waiting for Sam.

::flaily hands::
[ profile] maygra's written the exact spot where the entire Salvation AU veers off canon as far as how The Demon met his end, the toll it took on the boys, and why John is still around. Amazing John-centered tale that leaves plenty of room for whatever Kripke really is coming up with after the hiatus. XD It's also got Bobby and a grigori. Maygra wrote it, what the hell is there not to love? Go. Read.

Two parts.
The Goat In The Darkness
Salvation AU. Gen, 6221 words, PG. It takes Charlie a few months after the events of Disinterment to run out of coping mechanisms, and when she finally does, her father can yell and yell, but one word from Sam is the end of the world.

forest for the trees )
eighth_horizon: (can't draw)
Salvation AU, the day after I Can't Tell You, But You Know and a good while before Disinterment. G, 1880 words, gen, happy-fic with a touch of angst (only the Winchesters know how to pull that off). John comes to visit.

this and more )
How to tell the Winchester girls apart: a primer.

Imagine each girl is separately presented with a cake. Each cake is exactly the same, and is topped with those damn trick candles that relight themselves when you try to blow them out.

Allie - tries it once, then plucks the candles off one by one and extinguishes them by putting them flame-first in her mouth, with a grin.

Mary - tries to blow them out once, screams when they relight, then launches into an explanation about how it works because there's magnesium in the wick and it has a very low ignition point and the ember left behind by the vaporizing paraffin...yadda yadda. The other kids eat the cake.

Leigh - enjoys the candlelight for a long moment, takes another long moment to plan her wish, then keeps trying to blow them out no matter how many times they relight. She's not dumb, she just believes that no matter the odds, if she keeps trying, sooner or later her perserverance will be rewarded.

Charlie - shakes her head in annoyance and walks away, because, stupid fucking cake anyway, who needs it.

Plus: a silly drabble for no other reason than to be silly.

How are your sinuses? )
Allie gets The Talk. Then her dad and uncle feel each other up in the yard get a few things straight. Salvation AU, six weeks after Disinterment. PG-13, essentially gen, 4077 words.

beyond the cursory )
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