You Should See The Other Guy

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang after the movie and up to just after 'Anytime Soon'. Ten ways Perry and Harry are accidentally falling for each other and probably trying not to. Part II of a III part mess.

R, canon compliant language and shenanigans.
Wow - I am still capable of finishing a story!

Anytime Soon
©2010 gekizetsu

Perry should never have made Harry go undercover, even if it was supposedly one of the easiest assignments ever. Nothing Harry is involved in ever stays easy. Plus, both Harry and Perry are so in denial that it can probably be seen from space. Harry/Harmony, Harry/Perry, minor dubcon btw Harry/OC. Same rating and behavior as the film (meaning gratuitous violence, h/c, language and kissing). FYI: the Avenues are a gang that have been present in Glassell Park since the 1950s. There’s your obligatory trivia for the day.

R, 18,000 words.

“My safe word is ‘fuck off‘,” Harry said.

“That’s a phrase, and it’s not that safe,” Perry said.
eighth_horizon: (oh yeah?)
Title: Brains Are A Nuisance
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Brains.
Characters & Pairings: Harry, Perry; Perry/Harry, Harry/Harmony
Word Count: 10,400
Author's Notes: Supernatural/KKBB crossover, for MJ. Title paraphrased from Raymond Chandler’s Pearls Are a Nuisance. Sequel to The Simple Art of Graverobbing.

Sam and Dean are on a case, and they need a specific kind of expertise. Harry rambles. Perry hits on the Winchesters. h/c occurs. Everybody says ‘fuck’ a lot. A lot. PG-13 for language and brains. Song lyrics quoted badly from Coven’s McDonaldland Massacre.

I stared at him. “So the fact that I’m trying to kill someone who’s already dead doesn’t already make this wrong?”
Fandom: Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
Title: Culture Shock
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Language
Characters & Pairings: Harry, Perry; Perry/Harry
Word Count: 2750
Author's Notes: Viciously foul language. There are a bunch of things about LA life that are foreign to a New Yorker…or maybe just to Harry.

“It’s a skill that’s required in order to live in LA,” Perry said. “It’s like the regional secret handshake.”



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