PG for language this time. Thanks to everyone who read and/or commented and didn’t run screaming, and big thanks to Maygra for everything. Don't forget to blame _seraphina_ for this on your way out. XD

One big dance, all their lives, Sam and Dean. )

For a little more background, see 'Marked'.
See warnings and summary under part I. See also part II and part III.
Written for [ profile] _seraphina_; much-appreciated edits and support by [ profile] maygra; all mistakes and awkwardness mine.

Locked for content, because not everybody wants to run into something like this. NC-17, graphic slash, dubious consent.

Power, not held in check. )
Locked for content: NC-17 for graphic het and incest. Clicking on the link means you understand that. See part one for full summary and disclaimer.

Power held in check. That’s what it was. )
What part of genderswap/het/slash/’cest did you not hear? Run! Run!

Note to self, Sam thought. I really suck at picking up guys. )

Parts 3 and 4 are locked on LJ due to content, but the full tale is now posted on my page.
The second to last charity!tale. _seraphina_ requested Wincest, Genderfuck, Girl!Sam, valid reason for Girl!Sam, resolve, 2 smut scenes, one with Girl!Sam/Dean and the other slash...

If the above doesn't tip you off: NC-17, folks. Part I is safe but nothing else will be.

Thanks to Maygra for a quick edit that saved me from several typos, an instance of jumping the gun, and one seriously embarassing Freudian moment of mispelling.

Summary: Sam discovers exactly what lengths he’ll go to for Dean after he’s waylaid by an opportunistic entity.

so dark, the con of Sam. )

[edit]: Sam does not have the Impala. ::facepalm::



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