Charity list request for [ profile] astolat: a spin off of what could have happened right after the ‘Nightmare’ ep in season I, where Sam figures out his powers in different and peculiar ways. Or, a possible evolution of Sam’s powers. Dean helps (for a given factor of ‘helping’). Gen case story, 11,000 words, PG-13 for language. No spoilers, and no warnings other than Dean’s filthy mouth and gratuitous mild crack. The places are real, but I took artistic license (as you do).

“It’s not gonna fit in the car,” Sam said.

“It will when I’m done with it,” Dean said.
Title: Longer Than That Road

For [ profile] buffyaddict13, whose prompt was for gen happy-type-with-angst fic involving Sam and Dean hanging out over the years, based on the lyrics to the Beatles’ Two of Us. So: these are several vignettes on things the boys have seen and done together, in ways they never could or would with anyone else. 4500 words, PG-13 for language. Lyrics follow the tale.

"If this works, I’m going to admit this once that you are awesome,” Dean said.
I am going to be working like crazy on all the rest of those unfilled charity prompts that were requested three years ago. All I can do is apologize for the gross delay, and write. This is another one.

Title: Quartering the Odds
Series: Turn of the Wheel (AU)
Words: 3500
Rating: PG-13 (language, m/m sexual situations)

Sam and Dean weren’t able to repel the Watchtower guardian in Dodecagon, and the elementals have been running rampant. It’s no longer a human’s world, and the boys have to scrounge in ever stranger ways. The original prompt was from [ profile] without_me for either more ToW-style wingfic, or, hooker fic. Being who I am, that means this became hooker wingfic.

It was not dirty pool to use your carefully learned survival skills on your little brother when it was actually a matter of survival.
SPN/NCIS xover, sequel to Volatile Compounds. [ profile] help_haiti fic for [ profile] baileytc that takes place early in season 5. Her prompt was for case related gen and she was ok with another NCIS xover. The rest is not her fault. Warning: If you have a higher level of discomfort reading about babies being eaten by monsters off screen, beware. They dealt with it a little in the show in season 4, but not to this extent. Additional warning: bonus shark jumping!

Gibbs warned Sam and Dean not to use their NCIS badges again unless they checked with him first. They didn’t realize that in Gibbs-speak it meant he would be contracting work out to them whenever something came along that couldn’t be killed with government-issued firepower.

14,500 words, PG-13.

“You guys are going to find yourselves missing the days when it was just people ganking other people,” Dean said.
Nothing But Faith In Nothing

Dead Like Me fic that takes place a few months before the 2009 movie. Mason’s having a bad week and it falls to George to…be George, except a little moreso. For [ profile] natfudge, who asked ages ago for lots of George/Mason h/c and cuddling. 2000 words, rated R for show-level language and because I live on the fuckin’ eastside.



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