For [ profile] girlguidejones, via a promise made at Wincon. XD Seriously. Part of the Salvation series, taking place after Here There Be Monsters. Christo goes missing, and Sam and Dean realize that their dog is as much a hunter as they are.

PG-13, 2600 words.

Christo had not always been their dog.

Avengers, 317 words, G.

Tarnished saints. )
Avengers + Iron Man movieverse, well into movieverse future. Sometimes Tony is popular in all the worst ways, and the Avengers keep discovering that being his friend can be terrifying. Hurt/comfort, fluff, and occasional pointless humor because Marvel canon sucks. 7500 words, PG-13 for language. Reads as gen or Steve/Tony; whatever you’re in the mood for.

Again, for those who are interested/new to this fandom: The Avengers primer and, why Steve and Tony are so damn adorable: the Steve/Tony 'ship manifesto.


“Sooner or later, I’ll piss you off, too. When you do it, though, don’t go for the heart, okay? Go ahead and take my head right off with your shield.”
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Sequel to Eternally Needing Proof (90 proof). Dean continues to corrupt educate Castiel in how to successfully hang out with humans. Or make them stare at him with open-mouthed horror. Sam lives in fear. 2050 words; PG-13 for foul language, a drunken angel, and crack. No spoilers, although this is inspired by Castiel’s remarks in 4.10.

“I wish I thought this was funny, Dean,” Sam said, shoving Castiel in front of them and toward the most secluded table he could find.

“Our little angel is growing up, Sam,” Dean said.
Avengers/Supernatural crossover in that the Winchesters don’t appear but the lore (i.e. demons, seals and Castiel) will; AU branching from/roughly a year post-Iron Man movieverse and combining/screwing with Avengers comicverse, meaning most of the team is together, Hulk is already gone, Peter is around even though I guess he shouldn’t show up until after Disassembled, and both Extremis and Civil War are far in the future.

Warnings: Drama, humor, angst, cliches, and POV changes; ~25,000 words, R for dark themes, language, and not-quite graphic m/m con and noncon. Still, there’s eventual cuddling to go with the angst and gratuitous torture, so...there you go. Just playing. Plus, Castiel is the angel of Thursday, and Thursdays are hard for the Avengers.

Supernatural fans: may find this tedious. Just be patient with my dumb ass. Sam and Dean still own me. An Avengers primer can be found here.
Marvel comic fans: may need to be even more patient with my dumb ass.
Fans of both on my FL: this is your fault.

It was the look on Tony’s face that Peter remembered most, later.

Part II ~ Part III
Written for [ profile] spn_halloween and insanely late, but at least it’s still the right season for pumpkins. Prompt: the Great Pumpkin is real, and evil. Per Peanuts lore, and according to Linus, when writing to the Great Pumpkin, you don't ask him to bring you anything specific: you wait for whatever he brings you.

Gen, 7770 words, PG-13 for language and gore.

“I’m sitting in a pumpkin patch on Halloween night,” Dean whispered. “This is...this is bullshit.”

“Charles Schulz would be so proud,” Sam whispered.
Prompt from [ profile] innie_darling: there are two kinds of light. This was the first thing that hit me. Very very late for her birthday (sorry, doll). Gen, 4800 words, and PG-13 for language, because Dean is in it.

Futurefic. Dean discovers that there’s light...and then there’s light.

“Few will ultimately survive this,” Castiel said.

“Yeah, but so long as there’s still two of everything, we’re good, right?” Dean said. “Do we need to hug? Because you’re getting that whole ‘I’m an angel of the Lord who needs a hug’ look.”
Last Outpost and [ profile] maygra's coda Not For Samson In The Temple have been posted as an audiobook:

here and as a permanent link here.

That? Had to have been a lot of work. Props to [ profile] rhea314 and [ profile] cybel. <3

Cover by [ profile] cybel.
We've Been Here Ten Thousand Years

Salvation ‘verse. For [ profile] maygra, who wanted to see what this would look like and asked for it ages ago. It’s a small section of the original Salvation tale, the spot that mentions It was the idea of permanence that ruined him. He lasted five months before he bolted. Dean’s not sure how to define freedom or home and makes a run for it. Sam can define both by yelling for his brother even though he’s two steps behind the entire way.

PG, 5800 words, set between Uninvited and Small Town, Big Hell. Title is from a verse of Amazing Grace.
Crack. Blasphemous, pointless crack. Sam and Dean corrupt Castiel with Cheetos and alcohol. Gen, 1800 words, PG-13 for language.

"Dear God: take your damn angel back. I’ve had it with his bullshit. Amen."
Because [ profile] blackcat333_99 posted: Three for three episodes we’ve been treated to seeing Dean crashed out. But not comfortably curled up on bed. Crashed over some books. Crashed on the floor with only a jacket covering him. Crashed on a motel bed, fully dressed on top of the covers with only his jacket covering him. This does not speak of a guy who is sleeping easy. Even without knowing about the flashbacks I’d guess that all is not right in Dean’s dreamscape, because he sure doesn’t seem to be putting himself down for a good night’s sleep, but rather going until he just crashes and can’t even put himself to bed right.

Summary: Frickin’ angel has to be good for something, right? Dean, you-know-who, and Sam. No pairing. Just schmoop interspersed with Dean-flavored suspicion. Takes place between 4.02 and 4.03; spoilers for all of season 4 so far. PG-13 for language, exactly 2000 words.

The Flip Side of the Coin
Crack written for [ profile] chase_acow as part of the Fall Fandom Free For All: Pretending to be gay turns out to be the best idea ever.

3200 words, PG-13 for boykissing. The gayest gen story ever written.

sn:/to whom

Sep. 9th, 2008 12:51 pm
My [ profile] spn_summergen entry, written for [ profile] demondean. PG-13, 2600 words.

To Whom It May Concern )
Once upon a time, [ profile] hansbekhart wrote one hell of a story that damn near everyone's read by now, or should have. A couple of hot, insane people decided to throw a remix party, and lo, I showed up with crazy hair and wearing a dress in the wrong size, like usual.

The Miner's Lamp, by hansbekhart.

Excelling Violet (The Miner's Lamp remix)

Many thanks to the original author for letting someone mess with her gorgeous, awesome tale. <3

Also, someone remixed And Fools Shine On:

How It All Shakes Out (terminus ad quem re-roll). It kicks ass, and has caused me plot bunnies. One in particular won't let go.
In A Foreign Tongue

From the 'it wouldn't shut up and I was home sick' file: a what-if insert to Unspoken. Happens the same night the boys get back from decimating the maneating Tailypo family. Fluff. 6100 words, PG-13 for language.
Unreluctant At Treacherous Ledge
G, 2850 words. Dani meets Sam, Sarah and Allie. Dean squirms.
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