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Post-finale ficlet, 277 words, G. Spoilers.

The light grew nearly unbearable. Chuck covered his face, then his head, beginning to feel the light as a force rather than just brightness. He knew he had an angel standing beside him, such as he was, and whatever was out there was supposed to be protecting him. Still, the sheer force of it was daunting for a moment.

The light didn't fade, or lessen in any way. It simply changed, became something that stopped assaulting him and only warmed him instead. He left his head covered all the same.

Castiel stood and stared, shoulders squared mentally as well as physically. He wasn't sure who it was, quite yet, or what they would do once they settled enough to address him. Maybe that would be Words; maybe divine justice would come as a flash of understanding and then, oblivion. He had done what he felt was right, and whatever came of it, he would face. He was built just so.

Michael stood there, in all his glory; no vessel, no truly physical form, just his Presence.

Good job, Little Brother

Castiel smiled at the approval.

Carry on

Chuck awoke a few minutes later wondering what the hell had really happened. Damn angels, screwing up his plans.

His speed dial for the escort service didn't work anymore when he tried a minute later. Stupid network. He was going to change to Verizon one of these days.


Sam and Dean ran, hand in hand, from the light behind them, the light from below, the light devouring all.

A third joined them, running just behind, dark wings shielding, keeping that light from vaporizing them with its unimaginable, numinous once-glory.

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